important things before you come to wudang

Booking: We can higly recommend to make your booking with C-Trip. You can book flights and trains all easily online. Even flights to to "Shiyan Airport" (WDS) which is the new Airport of Wudangshan is possible with this booking site. So far there are not many online services that sell flights to Wudang airport. Mind that booking in advance is very beneficial, if you consider China's travel quantity. Mind: China's vacation times around Chinese New Year, 1st of May, 1st of October.

Arrangements: It’s best to get in contact with us before you come to our school. We’ll pick you up at the train station and help you with your visa application. Generally we try to help you with all question that you may have concerning wudang and our school. Please never regret to contact us.

Money: Think of your financial management in China. There are different opportunities like the use of foreign IC Cards, a chinese bank account or credit cards for longtime stays and hard cash or traveler checks for shorter stays.

Clothes: Be sure to bring clothes for all weather conditions. The weather may change quickly. Regularly summers are hot and winters freezing cold. As training is often outside you need to prepare for hot summers and cold winters at these season. At the end wudang has nice and certain four seasons. Do not prepare with exaggeration! Missing clothes can easily be bought in wudang. Same for many other things.

Language: Think of learning some chinese in advance. If not, be sure to take your lifesaving “dictionary” with you wherever you go. In china it is still hard to find any good english spoken! Now here are many good electric devices or "apps" available. These devices often turn your efforts in learning Chinese into fun and joy!

Visa Application: Visa application best should be done some weeks before you start your journey. Be aware about the actual visa conditions. We will support you as good as we can. We provide “invitation letters”, "admission notices" and more. Just feel free to contact us. With our invitation letter you can easily apply for a X2-type student visa: Please color print our invitation letter and apply for a X2-type student visa. Mind!: Some embassies work different than others. They might as well issue F-type business visas or give you only a shorter duration for the validity of your visa. That would be fine too. We can extend all visas in wudang (100 CNY expense allowance). Nevertheless, with our invitations, you should always try to apply for the X2-type visa. Try to apply for a validity, which is just as long as your whole trip. But remember the maximum validity for the duration with your student visa is 180 days! About 10 days before your visa will expire, we will help you to extend your visa in wudang. On the application form: Mark "short-term study for less than 180 days", "one entry valid for 3 months from the date of issue" (This has nothing to do with the validity of your visa. This is only the validity from issuing to your entry in China). Your “Occupation of stay” is: “student”  and your “reason of stay” is: “study”. Inviting Person: Name: Wang Xing Qing, Address: China, Hubei, Shiyan, Wudangshan, Meizi Gou, Chuanzhen Wushu Yuan, Phone Number: 00-86-719-5668298, Relatioship with the applicant: Headmaster. Always mind to inform yourself about the current visa application requirements of the Chinese embassy at which you will apply for your visa.

Fitness: Mind amount and intensity of your training here in our school and try to prepare for it with running, fitness, stretching, etc. But relax! Training will be adapted to your individual condition. In the end it will be more important that you keep yourself from over training and exaggeration! Don't move in a way harmful to your body. Tell us if there are restrictions and/or contraindications important for your training here.

Travel Support: You can download different of helpful stuff like maps, survival guides for your journey to our school or the train schedules. Easily download what you need with a right mouse click ‘save to’ and print it before your journey begins.


Taxi Transfers: If you take a taxi in Peking/Beijing always mind that the driver should use the taxi meter. The drivers are beholden to use them. Attention!: Without the use of the taxi meter drivers usually try to practice usury. There are “Black Cabs” around too. Always take care that everything is at its right place in the cab: shields, plates, taxi meter, cab driver license etc. Tell them: “Qing Jicheng! Please use the taxi meter!”/

Arrival time, transfer and train tickets (only for the train transfer) : For the fast journey to wudang consider an early arrival time at the airport. Take care of having some hours between your arrival at the airport and your departure for example from the West Train Station in Beijing. Shanghai, Beijing and Hongkong are all huge cities. Consider the transfer from airport to the train station will take some time and mind that traffic jams are normal. Check the train schedule or ask us for help to find a good arrival time. At high seasons and especially on chinese vacation days it can be very difficult to get a train ticket for the same day. Use the opportunity and consider some sightseeing for wherever you arrive, but buy your ticket on the day of arrival at the train station or even better in your hotel/hostel. But you could also contact a travel agency and book your train ticket in advance.