Routes to the Wudang Dragongate Kungfu School

Mainly there are two ways for foreigners to travel to wudang. One is by train and one via flight to Xiangyang. However we often recommend taking the train, because it is convenient and cheap and offers also many different starting and arrival time options for there are always more trains to choose from. If you have only short time, but enough funds, you should better take the flight option for you will really safe a whole day.

The best and most comfortable way to check and book your travels to the school is online on the following website:



Trains to wudang:

There are good connections from beijing (peking) and shanghai, but there also is a connection from hongkong via guangzhou (Canton) or shenzhen. Travelling by railway in china is convenient and very cheap with a hard sleeper. With the 4-bed soft sleeper ticket it is luxury and as well very affordable. Train trips from all of the three cities will take around 15-20 hours, giving you enough time to relax, try your chinese, read and watch half of china’s countryside through the window.

Trains from Beijing: to Wudang: K279; K507 to Shiyan (next city): T9; K261; K117
Trains from Shanghai: to Wudang: K123; K351 to Shiyan (next city): K1153; K1157
Trains from Guangzhou: no direct train to wudang but to Shiyan (next city): K767; K1173

There are some more trains available and the number is rising so check for updates yourself or ask us. Of course there are also many trains going to wudang from many other places around in china. Have a look at the train schedule within our website’s travel support. We provide free pick-up-service from ‘Wudangshan Train Station’.

Check out up-to-date train schedules directly online:

Flights to wudang:

1. Fly to Beijing (Peking), Shanghai or Hongkong (or also Xi’An, Guangzhou, Chengdu or Wuhan)
2. From there take a connection flight to
a. first choice: SHIYAN Airport (WDS) the new airport of Wudang by taxi only 35 minutes from school. Pick-up: 200 CNY
b. XIANGYANG former Xiangfan (Xiangyang Luiji Airport (IATA: XFN, ICAO: ZHXF) Pick-up: 550 CNY
c. XI’AN (Xi'an Xianyang International Airport (IATA: XIY, ICAO: ZLXY) No Pick-up!
3. Take care to not confuse the two different destinations a. and b..
4. From both destinations there are express buses to wudangshan.
5. We provide free pick up service from the bus station in wudang. Tell us in advance and we can arrange. For an extra charge we provide an optional pick-up-service from the airport in xiangyang, which should always be the first choice airport destination for you.