Wudang Bagua

In Wudang, Baguazhang or Pakua (eight trigrams palm) traditionally is an integral part of wudang kungfu. Like elsewhere it still is a whole system build on many typical basics, forms, drills and weapons, but will often only be part of the broader range of martial skills that will be teached to a dedicated student of wudang kungfu. Students who want to concentrate only on the practice of baguazhang will still find enough hard work to do for an all day training over some years.

The art of the eight trigrams palm (ba gua zhang) is strongly related to the yijing, the book of changes and therefore constantly flowing and is always changing directions dynamicly. The number 8 can be found often in this traditional chinese martial art such as in the stepwork and main 8 palms etc.

Bagua is known for the circle walking, the turns, twists and the spinning, resulting from the rotation steps, the bai kou bu. Baguazhang is very dynaminc, has the beauty of dancing and still is very effective for fighting. In addition to the dynamic kicks, the finger and palm strikes, the specialties of our baguazhang is the throwing and its enormous felxibility in all directions as well as its superior bodywork.

Especially against more than one enemy the dynamic
art of Baguazhang can cause a lot of harm to all directions quick.

Master Wang‘s Dragongate Baguazhang, called Longxing Bagua (Dragonshape Bagua) is by his own account his most advanced form. You all can try it, if you want, but consider it quite helpful, if you already have some experience. But whoever wants to learn it will be introduced to it from one‘s individual starting point. Even if you don‘t seek for its perfection it will help you a lot with improving balance, flexibility, breathing as well as develop a quick, dynamic, soft and light-footed bodywork. It therefore can be used as a therapeutical part of your training.

If you decide to study at our wudang kungfu school you can be almost 100% sure that you will learn at least the circle walking, the 8 palms and the turns of bagua as part of our daily basic training.