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The authentic and unique boxing styles which can


Wudang Kungfu is a term of very wide meaning, ranging through all of wudang martial arts to other physical, mental or professional skills related to wudang daoist culture. Wudang martial arts are more precisely described by the term wudang quan "wudang boxing" or even wudang wushu "wudang martial arts".

Wudang and its plenty boxing styles may be the most important source of internal martial arts in the world. The wudang mountains are a a place where an enormous amount of internal martial art styles have derived from and developed in. The daoist culture of wudang was eversince backing it with daoist sciences, knowledge, theorie and the practical research of the great nature. The polarity of yin and yang, the book of changes, the 8 trigrams, the five elements theorie, traditional chinese medicine and much more form the indispensable foundation of a huge wealth of wudang‘s holistic martial arts culture. In china there are many places where taiji, bagua or xingyi is well spread and traditionally teached with great wisdom. But more than anywhere else, in wudang, one can find much more profound daoist wisdom and background which is needed for a holistic cultivation through these arts. The result is a universe of conform ways to become a holistically skilled wudang disciple. To study wudang kungfu in our school, for a while, will doubtlessly bring a lot of knowledge about dao, yinyang, the laws and cycles of nature, the daoist genesis, medicine and philosophy with it.

There is a lot of taiji, bagua and xingyi in wudang which are also considered or refered as wudang kungfu. But in the end wudangquan has it own character, which had fusioned with parts from the wudang styles of taiji, xingyi and bagua.

Master Wang who inherits the three lineages: 1. dragongate (longmen), 2. pure yang (chunyang) and 3. soft flow lineage (songxi pai) was born in wudang and studied from many great wudang masters. Therefore his kungfu all derived from original wudang traditions.

Available Wudang Boxing Styles:

Dragongate Kungfu; Wudang Duanda (close combat fighting) and many other Songxi Boxing; Chunyang Quan (Pure Yang Boxing); Taihe Quan (Fist of the highest harmony); Taiyi Wuxing Quan (Taiyi Five Elements Boxing) Wudang Quan (Wudang Boxing, Wudang Fist) old forms simply counted as wudang quan without a background of any certain lineage, because of long lost traces.


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