Wudang Meditation

The daoist cultivation of the inner elixir

Legends about wudang sages and masters refer to their great skills in meditation or their level of spiritual cultivation. Truly a very big part of daoist cultivation leads without a doubt through meditation.

Many physical skills like taijiquan result in better health and bridge between sessions of deep meditation. They are of great value and have meditative aspects, but are far less used for the actual cultivation. Daoist practice always emphasize balance of body-mind and soul. Meditation is a mental skill, but aims on a better balance of one‘s in- and outside. Your spiritual revolution and your full potential of psychophysical strength is the result of the conversion the three treasures. Turn Jing, the essence into Qi, the energie, then Qi into Shen, the spirit and then Shen into Xu, the nothingsness. With the last step you will travel from nothingness back to the Dao, the source of all.

The way that leads to more spiritual satisfaction and connects you with
the infnite universe is the way in which you will practice meditation.

Master Wang teaches Wudang Daoist Meditation, Inner Elixir and many other meditative skills for different purposes like self-healing, mind control, healing of certain diseases and mental or energetic dysbalances.

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