Wudang Health Qigong & Yangsheng

In the history and development of daoist arts, theories and sciences wudang and its daoist culture is one of the most deciding sources of all. In terms of qigong and health prevention it already originated uncountable kinds of qigong skills.

Wudang Qigong itself is only a little part of the more general field of daoist health prevention or life-regimen, called yangshenggong. The yangshenggong covers many needs of lifestyle or life-management knowledge, beginning from how to eat with dietetics or hygiene, psychological skills, the actual qigong sets, meditation etc. The research and cultivation methods of the old daoists were always motivated by prolonging life. The idea of yin and yang together with a dualistic world view led to the insight that only a holistic practice of all parts of yangshenggong resulted in a highly improved and stabilized psychophysical health. So, a healthy lifestyle needs much more than only a good qigong exercise. But it can help to get a sense for it and give a big impact on your life. To learn many other aspects of life is a matter of time and a good role model or master. In fact only living in our school enables students to find out about it, because many of it secrets are found in the routine and discipline of the daily life at the school which are set by Master Wang.

Master Wang‘s students can choose between a great choice of qigong emphasizing different aspects like: health improvement, physical or mental strength, healing of dysbalanced energies, in- and external conditioning or fighting purposes. Most often the practice of qi gong results in a mix of different benefits, but with a different focus.

Whatever kind of practice you will need for your own,
together with Master Wang you will have enough time to choose
classes that satisfy your individual needs.

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