Wudang Sword

Supreme discipline of wudang martial arts

The wudang sword is considered to be one of the three precious heritages of wudang kungfu: inner elixir, taijiquan and sword. Since the old times the fine arts of wudang sword are representative treasures of wudang‘s traditional martial abilities. Since ancient times, not only in daoist circumstances, in china the sword is known as the king of weapon. The character of its use has always been one very artfull and filigree. Traditionally the higly advanced art of the sword was one of the last arts that were teach to wudang disciples.

The tradition of the wudang sword is still alive at the Wudang Dragongate Kungfu School and will be teached to anyone who is willing to dedicated training. The art of using the sword as a weapon, as an extended arm and as a very important cultural symbol will be handed down with most possible care. For practitioners the sword training will improve concentration and develop a precise awareness to wield the filigree sword. The use of the sword will bring a much advanced ability in the delicate use of any sophisticated weapon.

Get a feeling about one of the most famous treasures of wudang,
try the ancient art of original wudang sword fighting.

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