Mexico Unido Por El Taichi

Speech of Daoist Master Wang Xin Xuan

尊敬的先生们,女士们,大家上午好!我来自中国湖北省武当山,道号:王信玄。Honored guests, ladies and gentlemen, good morning to you all! My home is in China, Hubei Province. My home is the holy Daoist Mount Wudang. My Daoist name is: Xin Xuanzi, (also known as Master Wang from the Wudang Dragongate Kungfu Lineage).

我很高兴也非常荣幸能够受邀参加此次墨西哥万人太极拳表演大赛。我在此祝愿此次活动圆满成功。I am very happy and honored to be able to attend this big event of “Mexico Unido Por El Taiji”. Here and now I wish this event to be a complete success.

太极拳是中国传统辩证的理论思维与武术、艺术、导引术、中医等的完美结合,它以中国传统的儒、道哲学中的太极、阴阳辩证理念为核心思想,集颐养性情、强身健体、技击对抗等多种功能为一体,是高层次的人体文化。Taijiquan is a traditional and authentic Chinese martial arts with traditional theories, principles and philosophy using martial arts, qigong and breathing exercise, art, traditional Chinese medicine and other many other aspects to form a holistic and complete union. It follows the ideas of Confucian and Daoist philosophy. Taiji “the highest pole/extreme, in a meaning of perfect harmony in an ever changing universe” and the dualism of yin and yang formed its core ideas. It nourishes one’s health & temperament. It helps us to achieve a strong and healthy body.


We can use it for fighting application and self-defense. These different aspects combined form a complete holistic union and approach. It is a very sophisticated “and high level” physical art for the human body. Taijiquan is a very open minded martial art that represents the openness and integrative approach of the eastern way of thinking, moral and philosophy.

It perfectly provides all the needs of the human body, mind and spirit. With all its health benefits it can improve the psychophysical health of mankind. It aims on an extremely beneficial outcome for all its practitioners.


Taiji (here not Taijiquan!) is one of the very representative philosophical principles of ancient China. The foundation of Taijiquan follows the ideas of this Taiji principle, which means “the highest extreme, pole or harmony”.  Together with the dualism of the two interchanging poles or extremes of Yin & Yang it forms the basis of the art of Taijiquan. In the Taijiquan practice one’s imagination is used to scan the whole body, most of its functions and its qi flow. But only regular training and the repetition of 1st: using the mind to control the qi and 2nd: movements of the qi in harmony with the mind, can enable you to reach “Xiushen”: which means “the cultivation of character” and “Yangxing”: “to nourish one’s nature”. Only the harmony of body, mind and spirit during the Taijiquan practice will enable you to feel deeply and truly happy and satisfied, as a result of the training. It requires to become calm and relaxed. With the imagination we can lead and control the qi, (the vital energy, electricity, magnetism, energy as temperature). The idea of Taijiquan is to advantage and prolonging one’s life and as a result of regular training to achieve longevity.

太极拳在技击上别具一格,特点鲜明。它要求以静制动,以柔克刚,避实就虚,借力发力,主张一切从客观出发,随人则活,由己则滞。“彼未动,己先动”,“后发先至”,将对手引进,使其失重落空,或者分散转移对方力量,乘虚而入,全力还击。The application of Taijiquan is one of a kind and has its very own character. Self-defense arouses from calmness and only requires reaction instead of anticipation. It uses softness to overcome the hard, strong and stiff. It avoids direct confrontation, but instead using the opponent’s attack and energy, as well as using quick, explosive powers. These principles and methods are used in all kinds of applications. If the opponent doesn’t move or attack, then we won’t move or attack either. We follow the flow and initiation of the opponent to adapt our reaction instantly and naturally. “Hou Fa Xuan Zhi” means, “even after (the aggressor) initiates his attack first, we will reach him with our defense first (and overcome him)”. Taijiquan opens up to any attack like an open door, to let the attacker surprisingly fall into nothingness, where he had expected confrontation and target. At the same time this methods breaks the balance of the attacker and we can easily use his own power against him.

太极拳的这种技击原则,体现在推手训练和套路动作要领中,不仅可以训练人的反应能力、力量和速度等身体素质,而且在攻防格斗训练中也有十分重要的意义。These kind of applications and principles are all part of the daily training. It can be achieved through the practice of forms and push-hands training. The practice helps to achieve calm reactions, natural reflexes, blocks, avoiding, dodging, blocking, speed, power, explosiveness and the sensitivity to feel the movements of the opponent, without even looking at him. These achievements through the daily practice are of essential importance to the applicability of Taijiquan.


The movements of Taijiquan are soft, round and flowing and mostly slow. Furthermore they are very easy to learn. Also it can be practiced in higher or lower stances, to provide variable difficulties, according to the individual conditions of all different kinds of practitioners. Therefore Taijiquan can be practiced at all ages as well as with all kinds of physical conditions.

无论是理论研究还是亲身实践,无论是提高技艺功夫,还是益寿养生,无论是个人为了人生完善自我者,都能参与太极拳,并从中获取各自需要。The motives of practicing Taijiquan are holistic. They meet many different requirements of the practitioners. It doesn’t matter, if you want to improve your fighting skills;    or if you want to calm down;    or improve the level of relaxation of your body;     to achieve a more sophisticated style of moving and structure;    to become more flexible;    to become more strong;    to achieve a beautiful body art form;    or if you do it for health reason to regulate lifestyle diseases and to open your meridians: - All these reason can be attained by the practice of Taijiquan.

太极拳成为东方文化的一种符号象征,成为促进东方文化与西方文化交流的重要桥梁和纽带。太极拳的创编,也是继“四大发明”之后汉民族伟大创造力的又一次展示。Taijiquan is a symbolic art of Chinese culture and philosophy. In the present time it is one of the most important cultural links between the east and the west. The birth of Taijiquan out of the Chinese Han culture is another good example in the line of the great and important early inventions of ancient China.

继承和保护太极拳,对于弘扬中国传统文化、提高人类生活质量、弘扬民族传统美德、增强社会凝聚力、构建和谐社会等都具有十分重要的意义。The preservation of this precious martial arts throughout all the many generations that have passed and that yet are still to come had and will have many good benefits for us all. It will help to spread the essence of ancient Chinese culture;   it will increase the health of mankind;   spreading good morals like tolerance, benevolence and righteousness;   improve the collaboration of the societies; as well as to achieve a happy, fair and harmonious behavior of the people. These effects for all of us are very important parts of the ideology of Taijiquan practice.

太极拳这中华武术瑰宝已受到了世界各地人们的普遍推崇。Taijiquan is a precious treasure of Chinese culture and martial arts that has already been spread to all parts of the world to meet lovers and practitioners of this peaceful art.

20世纪80年代以来,各级政府及广大民众对太极拳这一古老文化体系的保护意识日益强化,各级政府相继制定保护措施,From the early times of the Peoples Republic of China until now, the different governments and people of China and the rest of the world, begun to understand and value the outcome of the practice of Taijiquan and help to spread, preserve and support it.

以太极文化为主的各个地方先后举办了11届国际性太极拳交流大会。Until this day there have been already 11 International Taijiquan Events to spread and exchange the culture of Taijiquan.

传承人、民间传承组织也加大深入推广的力度。The successors and practitioners of the different styles of Taijiquan are all helping to spread the benefits of Taijiquan. With their passion for the art they increase its popularity.

2006年5月,太极拳被中国政府公布为第一批国家级非物质文化遗产。In May 2006, the Peoples Republic of China announced Taijiquan to become the first “Intangible Cultural Heritage” of China.

    这次墨西哥之行让我看到太极拳在墨西哥非常受欢迎,有很多人都在习练太极拳,我们作为中国道教,太极拳的发源地,我很高兴,太极拳逐渐成为连接不同种族、不同民族、不同语言、不同国家的文化纽带,拉近了中国与各国之间的友谊,也使太极拳深入世界各国,惠泽众人。Being in Mexico for the first time in my life, I could already see the great passion of many of the Taijiquan practitioners here. I represent Chinese Daoism and Wudangshan as the birthplace of Taijiquan. I am very happy, that Taijiquan has been spread all over the world, to all kinds of people, countries, cultures, languages, to close the gap between China and the rest of the world and which helps to sustain an better friendship for all of us. In many countries Taijiquan has already been well established. In all those places Taijiquan is as beneficial as welfare to the people.

我在此祝愿中墨友谊长存,众人家庭美满,I wish all of us an everlasting friendship between China and Mexico; a harmonious and pleasant life to all the people and all the families.


“Fu Shou Kang Ning”, the four characters of Wudang Daoist Culture that represent a fulfilled life:

Fu Shou Kang Ning: “Fortune, Longevity, Health and Happiness”