Awards of the Wudang Dragongate Kungfu School

After the all the years and efforts to spread the original wudang style kungfu and daoist arts the Wudang Dragongate Kungfu School can look back on many awards and certificates. We have to give special thanks to all of our loyal supporters: Thank you very much! Love & appreciation!

Special Research Award

1st Grade Chinese Wushu Judge Award

1st Price Group Gold Award

Special Mastership Award

Wudang_Special_Research_Award.jpg Highest_Grade_Wushu_Judge_Award.jpg Wudang_Group_Gold.jpg Special_Mastership_Awardjpg.jpg
Awarded For The Special Effort In The Research Of Traditional Wudang Kungfu Award Of The Highest Graduation Of Chinese Wushu Judges 5th International Wudang Taichi Competition Award For Special Representation And Propagation Of Tradition, Lineage & Kungfu Of Wudang

Medals Of Different Competitions

Gold Medals

Competition Certificates

1st Price Gold Awards

Wudang_Medal_Awards.jpg Wudang_Medals.jpg Wudang_Certificates.jpg International_Wudang_Kungfu_Competition_Awards.jpg
Various Types Of Medals And Different Competitions Between 1999-2011 Various Gold Medals For Wudang Taijiquan   International Competition For Traditional Kungfu Danjiang City
Kung Fu Tai Ji Competition Award

Wudang Taiji Lake New Zone 2011: Award Ceremony of the 5th International Wudang Tai Chi Tournament. Our school and sixteen of our athletes won the first price award for our group choreography which contained most of the wudang boxing styles and weapons like: Wudang, Taiji, Bagua, Xingyi, & Baji Quan as well as Sword, Horsetail Whisk, Kungfu Flute, Halfmoon Spade, Mandarin Duck Hooks, Double Warhammer, Short Staff and halberd.