Wudang Dragongate Kungfu School's New Bagua Platform

A long-term dream become true. The development of the Wudang Dragongate Kungfu School again managed a grand leap forward. The new Bagua Platform was built, on the hills high above the school.

Walking up there alone is almost a workout. At least for many people that are more rehablititaion oriented and not martial arts experts. You will have to pass through the training hall or come down by the pond, to find the entrance to the stairs uo to the platform.Through dense forest and up the steep hill like on Mount Wudang, you will have to climb a good amount of altitude to get to the platform. Once you are there you will find a calm, safe, seperated and peaceful bagua shaped platform.

Since it was finished all the students loved to climb up there for special classes, calm self-training, meditation, qigong or personal instruction by Master Wang or his coaches.

In the future there will going to be a pavillon to provide a training ground even at strong sunlight or during the rainy days of the year. With a roof above the head it would also turn into the best resting place for the midday rest during the hot days.

We hope you all will have the chance to come along and feel the vibe of this special training ground.