"Shifu Kai Shan Men - Master Wang opens the door to the mountain"

Wudang Dragongate Kungfu School Disicple Ceremony 2015

It is the first time that Master Wang accepts 7 disciples at the same time. It is a very meaningsful number. It was not only Zhang Sanfeng that had his 7 famous disciples. Also founder of the dragongate lineage Qiu Chu Ji had his 7 famous disciples that handed down the traditions of the now largest daoist lineage: Longmen Pai "the dragongate lineage".

On July 15th, 2015, the ceremony took place at new the visitors office on top of the Wudang Dragongate Kungfu School's main building. All 7 disciples were prepared with discipleship inquiries, their red envelopes & their shoes for Master Wang. But they were also especially equiped with their great will to participate in the long history and tradition of the Dragongate Lineage.

Starting at 9 am, each and every disciple stepped in front of Master Wang greeting him and the other participating Masters.

Lead by Master Wang all payed respect to the founders Qiu Chuji, Zhang Sanfeng and direct ancestors Jia He Xian, Liu De Yi and You Minghseng.

After three knee downs and 9 kotous all 7 disciples handed their inquiries to Master Wang Xing Qing. Then all served 3 cups of tea, of which, for a special reason, the third one is the most important one. After drinking the third cup of tea, served by each disciple, Master Wang got put on a new pair of shoes by each disciple. This is a meaningful sign that the disciples will always provide care for their Master.

Now all of the 7 officially accepted disicples receive their a spiritual blessings and their daoist names from Master Wang.

Master Wang hands over the discipleship sword and daoist robes to each disciple.

The 7 disciples bow and pay respect first to Shifu (Master Wang), then to Shiniang (his wife) and only then to the San Shi (the three participating Masters).

The discipleship ceremony was followed by taking pictures and a sensational kungfu exhibition.

We were all very proud to have Xu Yao Jin, the president of the Wudang Kungfu Association as a guest and as one of the San Shi (three masters). The other two Master were Master Chen of the wudang government and Master Wei, the direct disciple of honourable Master Li Cheng Yi of the Yuxu Palace dragongate lineage.

Master Wang, his wife, the three masters, the 7 disciples, family, former disciples and students went to a restaurant in town to celebrate due to the meaningful ceremony. It was a very happy, funny, delicious und respectful feast.

In the afternoon Master Wang lead all his disciples to the graves of his former Masters and showed them how to pay respect and honor at the grave sites of our honorable ancestors.

We wish nothing less than the 4 characters for the new 7 disciples: