Master Wang's Big Dream

Wudang Dragongate Kungfu School: A retreat for mind, body & soul.

During the winter and earl spring of 2015, the Wudang Dragongate Kungfu School went through a major renovation process. One big part of Master Wang's dream become true. The main building which once has been the primary school's main building of the former Wudangshan Plum Valley Primary School has been thoroughly renovated. The facade of the building has been changing its look on all sides.



Canteen & kitchen: The main building contains a totally new kitchen, with clean stainless steel ktichen working zones.

Escuela_Wudang_11.jpg Escuela_Wudang_10.jpg

 The freshly cooked food is served through a window, right into the new canteen with enough tables for all of our students.

Accomodation: The main building now houses 10 newly furnished rooms (7x double rooms, 2x single rooms & a new four-bed room). All bathrooms are newly furnished and of a high Chinese quality :D The doubles and singles all have fine and bright private bathrooms with western toilets.


Escuela_Wudang_8.jpg         Escuela_Wudang_16.jpgEscuela_Wudang_5.jpg

Special rooms: 1x Homework Room for our school kids and also 1x large meeting room (photo)



Meditation room: This is our new large, quite & comfy meditation room.



Visitors office: On top of the main building, Master Wang built a representative ancient China style like visitors office. Here we can meet Master Wang; talk about daoism & wudang kungfu; drink tea or coffee; or participate to daoist ceremonies. Escuela_Wudang_27.jpg


Terrace: This place  the "golden top" of the Wudang Dragongate Kungfu School. From here we have a panoramic view of 360° and cann see the whole school, our own large pond and the whole Plum Valley. At the school the terrace provides the most sunshine hours. It allows us to have open sky meditation lessons during the warm seasons. Also the terrace delivers enough space for special kungfu classes with Master Wang Xing Qing. A very inviting little pavillon gives a chance to sip a tea with Master Wang.



There are more things to come and bring change to the Wudang Dragongate Kungfu School. Sure, this years renovation was one large step ahead. But Master Wang's vision goes far beyond. We don't want to reveal all our secrets yet, but the plans contain a bamboo grove, another two pavillons, a temple, a huge garden and a fruit tree grove. Master Wang dreams of a healthy environment for the health of its inhabitants.