September 1st - September 15th 2013

Journey to the origins of wudang kungfu

A practical research seminar of history and essence of original wudang kungfu

Be part of a research program, designed as an entertaining and educational practical seminar for the participants, which has the goal to research on the origins of wudang kungfu. Wudang born Master Wang will lead you to the times when he was born and wudang kungfu & culture was at its low turning point. Together we will visit the places of wudang where everything began, even very long time before Zhang Sanfeng the founder of taiji came into place. Find out why Emperor Zhudi, who build the palaces of today's cultural world heritage on wudang, choosed this certain mountain to appoint daoism as official chinese religion.

If you are eager to know the answers to the following questions, you should fit perfect for this project:

How exactly did the late development of wudang kungfu in the last 30 years took place?
How does tradtitional wudang kungfu feel and look like and what are its essentials?
How might the wudang kungfu have looked like long time before Zhang Sanfeng?
Are there relics in wudang older than its palaces?

Let's share our passion for the "Fascination Wudang Kungfu"!