New Training Hall

A huge training hall as a training boost for the Wudang Dagongate Kungfu School

Now a dream became true. Slowly, but steadily the Wudang Dragongate Kungfu School is developing to a very serious training camp. What was it before? Before the time when we had the training hall, all of our professional classes were held outside. The heat of the summer and the cold of the winter couldn't keep us from serious training. But during rainy days it often was impossible to do extended classes of taijiquan, qigong, meditation or basics etc. We often had to split up groups and practice in a small training room. 10-12 people were the maximum amount.

Now our students, have no excuses anymore! The training hall gives us the opportunity to practice everyday except of mondays...or even mondays,... if you think the day off needs some adding of excercise :D

The training hall also is a nice place to practice during the winter, as it provides a shelter from cold breezes outside.

We proudly present our new training hall and wish it will provide nice training times for you.