2015-12-25 until 2016-01-15
Wudang Winter Camp 2015
Special Camp for internal daoist martial arts, qigong, meditation & daoism. 

Many thanks to everyone that was part of the Winter Camp 2015/16.
It has been a great time only because of the nice sudents that joined the camp.
Reviews, pictures and videos will soon be uploaded here.

This camp is going to be a very special occasion for interested people to experience something very rare. Winter is off-season in wudang. There are plenty activities and free classes for all the three weeks of the camp. 

Master Wang will turn the camp into an experience you'll always remember for its extraordinary care and attention and for special classes that usually can not be easily attended to in such a complete program.  

Apart of the winter camp's specials all our normal classes can be attended. We still arrange all our teachings individually for each and every student. 

"Dong Tian - Winter": Wudang's most underrated season

The holy daoist Mountain Wudangshan is known for having an amazing balance of the four season: spring, summer, autmun & winter. The winters are off seasons and the mountain is covered with snow. Only very few tourists come for the winter. Have a look at the pictures below to get an impression of how beautiful wudangshan is during the winter season. Yes, it is cold, but fali, circle walking and other more paced moving will definitely make us feel warm from inside. Master Wang is specialized in teaching kungfu during the winter. He loves it! He will show us everything with special care and fast winter energy! Also we will use heaters to relax from the cold! Come and get to know Wudangshan's winter charme at the Wudang Dragongate Martial Arts & Culture Winter Camp 2015.

"Wudang Winter Wonderland"

Excited? If you like what you see and read, then you are more than welcome to join us!