History Of Wudang Dragongate Kungfu School

(Chuanzhen Wushu Yuan)

Master Wang who was born in wudangshan studied internal wudang kungfu throughout his life. In the 80’s, however, he felt the need to enlarge his knowledge about kungfu outside of wudang. On his travels he went to many different places from northeast china to canton in the very south. Even when he focused on internal daoist kungfu, he has also lived at the shaolin temple for more than a whole year. At the shaolin temple he teached wudang kungfu and taijiquan and learned shaolin kungfu in return. After he came back to wudang in the early 90’s he followed the official call and started to teach wudang kungfu to the public.

In 1999 he opened his own school and founded the Wudangshan Chuanzhen Wushu Yuan (Wudang Dragongate Kungfu School) as well as the Exchange And Research Center Of Wudang Martial Arts Culture. Both institutes made a lot of efforts to spread wudang kungfu and preserve its traditional origin. Since that time countless students from china and abroad came to the school. All students practiced in their own individual and different ways, pleased by the fat that wudang kungfu has to offer things for everybody. They all found out that wudang has things to give them all, because it is so versatile as well as flexible to be adapted on everybody's needs. From 2005-2011 the first school moved to Yangjiafan at the end of wudangshan town to enjoy a much bigger compound with a garden. But it wasn’t until autumn 2011 when Master Wang finally realized his dream to open his very own school in his own property. Now, his new school is situated in the beautiful and calm plum valley, where it is surrounded by nature. It is near the taiji lake at the bottom of holy daoist mountain wudangshan and consists of a garden, a huge pond and more than enough space for the kungfu training. The mountain school was first opened in 2007 and since then was more or less used as a retreat during the warmer periods of spring, summer and autumn. The mountain school still is a place to regularly lead students who seek for the more concentrated and conscious kind of cultivation practice.

Thanks to everybody who helped us to preserve and spread
wudang arts in the past, present and who will do in future.


watch an old video joint of the school from 2003