Wudang Dragongate Kungfu Master Wang Xing Qing

Are you searching for original wudang daoist kungfu traditions?
Master Wang is an exceptional source to explore the unique arts of wudang.

In wudangshan he is the only master who was actually born in wudang. He raised through the secret guidance of his first master Jia He Xuan, who teached him the old original style of wudang internal martial arts and kungfu. Now ever since his early childhood he is practicing the daoist arts of wudang. He is a contemporary witness of all of the late development of wudang culture and history, which after the cultural revolution is slowly regaining its important role for the chinese culture. Master Wang’s arts are not resurrected, but still handed down without interruption. They are preserved carefully and therefore expected to maintain in honorable tradition.

Master Wang is handing down traditions of mainly three lineages: While he is most representative for the dragongate lineage (longmen pai, 25th generation), he also teaches a huge amount of the pure yang (chunyang pai) and the Songxi Pai traditions in the 23rd and 13th generation.

It is Master Wang’s important concern to teach the wudang arts in a holistic manner. He will not only emphasize on fighting and applications or beautiful forms and weapons training, but also try to wake up your sensitivity for all that is important to the holistic wudang traditions.

Master Wang always teach individually to satisfy everybody's needs, but also try to give a complete introduction to what makes wudang kungfu an experience of health improvement for body, mind and soul.

Complete and original Wudang Kungfu of
a Dragongate master who was born in Wudang.

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Certifictae awarded Master Wang as one of the honorable master of the chinese nation Awarded by wudang gov. for efforts and achieviements as an outstanding wudang martial arts master Awarded certificate for being a sucessor of traditional wudang martial arts

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Master Wang and his school are  listed as famous sources of Chinese wushu Master Wang listed as Folk Martial Arts Master Of China Master Wang listed as Wudang Martial Arts Master Of China