1. Complete arts of still alive traditions which have derived all originally from wudang
2. Individual teaching by Master Wang himself
3. Respect for the balance between master and student (see left side)
4. The limited size of the school assures the constant quality of our classes



We teach individually and adapted to everybody’s needs. With our guidance you will find the space and way to find your own interpretation of wudang arts. It is your pace and intensity that will form your schedule at our school.
We pay a lot of intention to the development and the following of "wǔ dé" the 5 constant virtues 1. ‘ren’ benevolence, 2. ‘yi’ righteousness, 3.‘ li’ propriety, 4.’zhi’ wisdom and ‘xin’ fidelity.



We have and maintain a family like community. We exchange thoughts and knowledge as well as help each other with everything we can.
Health maxim:
Like generations of daoists we follow and believe in the maxim of health. In order to cultivate and maintain a healthy whole of body-mind and soul, we eat fresh food from our garden and practice health prevention in all parts of life.
It’s all about seizing every day in life, but to know anout the ups and downs in life and the cycles of nature and feelings. We enjoy life as much as we can. In addition to a conscious cultivation we sing karaoke, play chess, table tennis, badminton, basketball, go swimming and everything that means pure unblamable joy.


We wish: Dao An – A Peaceful Cultivation