Wudang Dragongate Kungfu School

@ the wudang plum valley,  next to the tai chi lake

The Wudang Dragongate Kungfu School (Wudangshan Chuanzhen Wushu Institute) is situated in the wudang mountains at a beautiful spot called the plum valley. The precise location is at the bottom of the eastern side of holy daoist mount wudang just next to the vast stretches of Taichi Lake.

Far enough from the crowds of wudang town you can concentrate on your practice of wudang kungfu, tai ji, qi gong and all the other cultivation arts. With the public bus there is very good access to both the mountain gate and the town.

The location of the school offers the perfect balance
between a calm retreat and pleasing convenience.

The school‘s compound is settled between thick forested hills with a breathtaking view of wudang‘s golden top. A good fengshui, of backing mountains and flowing water in the front, provides good balanced energies at the school. The training grounds are huge. Everybody has enough space for any kind of exercises.

Newly furnished in autumn 2011 the school comes with proper western standards such as: western toilets, high-speed internet access, air condition and nice furniture.

A good place to combine a healthy nature retreat
with traditional wudang daoist arts.