Wudang classes, trips, seminars, shows,

cultural exchange and education programs 


1. Individual Classes
Individual study of all kinds of traditional wudang daoist arts for everybody, no matter what age, condition or experience.

Wudang_School_Group_Classes.jpg   2. Group Classes
Classes for residing groups up to 30 persons and for visiting groups up to 100 persons.
Wudang_Mountain_Tours.jpg   3. Individual Wudang Group Tours & Trips
Tour around wudang! Explore its culture and secrets! Refresh your senses with famous wudang dao tea! Listen to Master Wang's storys about wudang's history and legends. Increase health of body, mind and soul with some of Master Wang’s kungfu, meditation or health qigong! Tour services: guide, translator, accommodation, boarding, activities and kungfu training.
Wudang_Abroad_Seminar.jpg   4. Abroad Seminars
Get in contact with us for booking Master Wang and/or his disciples for abroad seminars & workshops at your school, institution or home. Seminars for taiji, xingyi, bagua, qigong, meditation, wudang daoist self defense, natural reflex boxing, daoist medicine such as massage, acupuncture and much more.
Competition.jpg   5. Shows
Come to our school to see different kinds of performances or book shows to perform around wudangshan, china and abroad.
Wudang_Culture_Exchange_Research.jpg   6. Cultural Events And Exchange
As the headmaster of the ‘Exchange And Research Center For Wudang Martial Arts And Culture’ Master Wang invites everybody to come to wudang for all kinds of events for intercultural and interdisciplinary exchange, research of wudang daoist culture.

7. Education Programs

If you are serious you can even enrol to one of our high quality instructor education programs in wudang kungfu, taichi, meditation or qigong. You can find detailed information here in  study content.


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