A Matter Of Focus

Progress in training mainly depends on yourself as a result of hard practice and effort. Dedicated training at our school enables you to learn a great deal of wudang arts. The arts are not as easy as they may seem in movies. Even health prevention and qigong are profound and require concentration and perseverance.

The decision ‘what’ and ‘how much’ exactly you want to learn is in your own hands. Master Wang always says: “it’s better to learn one thing 10,000 times, then 10,000 things for only one time". But still most people try to learn as many different skills as possible.

Please be reminded that it is “easy to learn, but difficult to maintain”. Especially to reach mastership in only one art needs big efforts and often even is a lifelong process. Considering this you should be careful when you choose your courses of whatever kind.

Anyway there is no time limit for your studies in the Wudang Dragongate Kungfu School. If your focus can’t be small, then you should practice yourself in patience and invest a long period of time into your studies. Master Wang would be pleased to welcome everybody, who wants to attend to a real and serious education of traditional wudang arts for several years, which would include a whole wealth of different aspects.

Do you have passion, focus and perseverance?

If yes:
Congratulations! You have the things needed to become a master!

If not:
The Wudang Dragongate Kungfu School provides an environment
where hard, concentrated training is made easy!  

So you can still enjoy your stay as a very effective health retreat.