Reports, statements and advices of former students of the Wudang Dragongate Kungfu School 


Read the reviews of our former students about their time at the Wudang Dragongate Kungfu School (Chuanzhen Wushu School).


Adelaide & Umberto - Italy

Friends have told us about Master Wang and the Wudang Dragongate Kungfu School. Soon we decided to come to Wudangshan to get to know him and his Wudang Longmen Dragongate Kungfu. Our first trip was in 2015. Arriving at the school one evening we were greeted with courtesy and we were allocated a clean room with all services (WiFi, air conditioning, beds, bath & toilet) necessary for a good stay. The next day we met Master Wang who asked us what our interests were and what we wanted to study. The Master was extremely kind. He arranged a good study program for our first 2 week stay. During the lessons we were followed by the Master and by the talented Coach Wang Chong Qin and they did everything they could to enable us to achieve the best possible results. Master Wang is a great teacher: quiet, attentive, clear in the explanations and patient. Really interested in raising awareness for the Wudang Longmen Dragongate Kungfu and its holistic approach! The lessons were well organized. From other students we were well received and we were easily integrated within the group. Every day there are served three meals and the food is really good and well cooked. We have not had any problems. The school is very well placed in the valley of the plums. The place is quiet: good to study with serenity. On free days we climbed Mount Wudang and it was a wonderful and fascinating experience: the view of the mountains and the temples is amazing! This was a great experience that has changed our view of Kungfu. Master Wang offers an authentic and traditional teaching. We were impressed by the simplicity of his instructions and we think that he is a true Master. We are glad we made this trip that we have repeated in 2016. Our second trip confirmed the impressions of the first and we have verified that the teaching and the methods used by Master Wang are correct and we share them fully! We were supported in the organization of trips, at every step, from the school and from Ben Wang Chong Long who responded to every our need. We recommend this school for the quality and for the beauty of the authentic Kungfu of the Wudang Longmen Dragongate Lineage. We have only good things to say about this school and of Master Wang, whom we thank for the way he treated us. We hope in 2017 to repeat again our trip!

Wudang_Student_David_France.jpg David - France

We arrived in wudang on August 2013 thinking of going to a school recommended by my french teacher. But nobody was here to take us to the school we intented to go. Then we saw an advertisement of Master Wang's school and a phone number. We made a call and had Benjamin on phone who speaks english. He told us that he and Master Wang will pick us up from the wudang railway Station. Then we arrived at Master Wang's school and there we were well welcomed with and than chatted with master Wang and Benjamin. They show us our room, which was very clean and we were able to get many services (Wifi, air conditionner, beds, toilet, everything we need for a good price). Master Wang asked us then about what we wanted to study, and we got a good program set up that would be our training schedule during our stay there. After the visit, it was time to eat. The chinese food was very good, fresh and varied, and we ate watever we wanted to. It was nice to meet so early, the other strangers students whom we yet get along with. The next day in the morning we started to train with basic training (the good point it's that we could choose if we want to train early in the morning (at 5am), moreover we could choose to have a day off if we inform Master Wang early enough in advance).  The training was versatile and we could learn Bagua Zhang, Taijiquan, Qiqong, Weapons etc. Master Wang and the other instructors were very patients and good educators. They teached us over and over the same movement until we finally got it. I spend some time in Shaolin too, and there I didn't feel the calmness and the deep teaching that I found in Wudang.We have had a great time around there. In addition to the training we have had the chance to visit wudangs moutains, temples and jungles together with the other students and sometimes even with Master Wang. A great atmosphere was built with the students and it was great to share the training, the knowledge and hang out together with the other students. I recommend this school for the quality of the teaching and the big choice of instructions available!




 Janka - Solwakia

I have only good things to say about this school and Master Wang. After I was left stranded on the streets of Wudang with nowhere to go Master Wang and Benjamin literally saved me... I arrived to China to train at the school which posted very opposing information on their website to the reality. The Dragongate Kungfu school is EXACTLY what they advertise they are. Training was hard, but it was what I went there for - to train hard and learn as much as possible. I got what I wanted... and more. Met amazing people, learned a lot about Chinese culture which is not possible at bigger mostly international schools. True Chinese authenticity of this school is what I valued the most. I am definitely planning to come back for more training as soon as possible!




Jeffrey - USA

Trainning at the Traditional Wudang Dragon Gate Kung Fu School was a great experience that I wouldn't change for the world. It is a great learning environmet. Throughout the three months of study, I felt that I was always gainning new insights and learning new things from stuff that I was not expecting to learn, or was there to learn for. Difficult to talk about because it's more on the experiential side of things. The coaches are great and genuine, and I felt motivated and inspired by them during my time at the school. The cooking is fantastic, and I miss their breakfast, lunch, and dinner already. I am very thankful for all of the students, the coaches, and Master Wang. I wish the best to everyone and to all future students. Thank you!


Lukas Weber / Austria

When I came to the Wudang Dragongate Kungfu-School my goal was to get a glimpse of the Wudang Taijiquan, which I wanted to write an article about. Together with my father I trained in the plum valley for one week, and although our time there was regretably short, we enjoyed it just the more. The food was nice, the people friendly, and most importantly: the training had an incredibly good impact on my physical condition. The few daoist steps that I learned during my short stay are now part of my daily morning routine and they are of high value to me. In the end I found myself not only writing about Wudang martial arts, but also about Master Wang and his school, who left a big impression on me. The only sad part about my stay is, that it was too short to get to the core of the appealing daoist lifestyle. But maybe that week was only the beginning…


Malin & Joakim / Sweden

We are a couple from Sweden who came to Wudangshan to practice at this Kungfu School for one week in the beginning of November 2012. We did not have any experience before and it was just a coincidence that we find this place. We took our time to explore this place and it is the best that we have done so far on this trip, it is a wonderful place and we will recommend it for other people to do. We love to train and we practiced six hours, almost every day here and the day off from training we climbed Mount Wudang and it was a wonderful day and we had really fun all day long. And the view from the Mountain was amazing! Master Wang is a very good teacher, even if we can not speak Chinese, he could teach us anyway and he showed slowly how to do, he was very patient with us and showed again and again, until we did it right. The other students/teachers were also really nice and struggled with us, so we want to thank you all for your kindness and especially Master Wang and Benjamin. Every day we were served three meals and the food was soooo good and healthy, perfect cooking! A new favorite is binzi, steamed wheat bread filled with vegetables or sirup. The school’s surrounding area is very beautiful and it is mandarin trees everywhere, we came in the right time when they picked them, so we ate a lot of mandarins and drank mandarintea. Five o´clock one early, cold and silent morning we ran up the hill with the moon shining in our backs, that was a really nice morning and also the mornings when we did standing meditation. Overall it was a lovely experience and we would love to do it again, but next time in the summer so we can see the landscape from that side. And I think you should stay longer so you can learn more and feel even healthier afterwards, if it is possible to do that. We say that everything is beautiful and lovely and it is, we promise, you see it yourself, so take your time and explore the Kungfu of Wudangshan here!


Chen Shun Bin / Shanxi

It was only here that I understood the true meaning of hard training in martial arts and its positive impacts on my personal development. Studying Wudang Martial Arts it meant to me learn about myself frist. The Master places great value on character building throughout the entire training process. I studied a lot of different aspects of Wudang Martial Arts, so as Wudang Fist, Tai Ji Quan, Ba Gua, Xing Yi, Sword, Qi Gong as well their applications. I became to understand the positive effects of internal martial arts on my life. I also successfully participated in international martial arts tournaments. I want to thank the Master for his kindness and his supervision. As a coach in his school I want to do my best to promote Wudang Martial Arts throughout the world.



Georgia Blancher / New Caledonia

2007 I spend ten days in the Chuanzhen Wushu Institute in Wudang Shan. I learned two taolus: San Feng Tai Chi and Shi Ba Shi 18-Steps Wudang Boxing. It was a too short time for such a fulltime program. But practicing six hours a day with serious and a good ambiance made my efforts very pleasant and efficient. Master Wang also accompained us to a nice trip up taoist mount wudang. It was a great experience which changed my vision of wushu: now I practice with someone and not against someone with suppleness, but not with hardness.


Tang Dun / Shanxi

The very sentence, that I could fulfill my dreams of true martial arts practice in the Chuanzhen Martial Arts Institute, may be the best way to express my feelings. I participated in international martial arts tournaments with good results many times. From my present point of view I can truly say, that all the hard training and the pouring blood, sweat and tears were worth it. I want to thank the Master for his teachings.


Zuo Shun Jing / Hubei

In the beginning I was not interested in internal martial arts and I doubted the principles of being soft and slow. But through the supervision of the Master I understood these very principles more and more. Since then I am really excited about Wudang Martial Arts. I think that I is a combat art really practical use. Wushu can be a good foundation for a proper way of life. I hope that Master Wangs school has a bright future and that many people can benefit from his teachings.


Daniel Collet / New Caledonia

After some years of practice of different styles of gongfu, our teacher organised with another school a stay in Wudangshan in Chuanzhen Wushu Institute with Master Wang. Why coming here? Because our gongfu teacher made several trips to China to find an autentic wushu school, and after months and months of visiting the most popular areas for gonfu, he found out that Master Wang Xing Qing offered an authentic teaching of wudang gongfu, and he was also a very kind person.So we discovered here a very rich teaching, good for health (my back pains disapeared after a few days of training) and very spiritual with the taoist background. Master Wang is so impressive when he moves, his body moves like water wich is fluent and strong at the same time. Unfortunatly we could not stay longer than two weeks, but now my wish is to come back to learn more. Thanks to Master Wang and Chen Bin, our wonderfull instructor.


Katharina / Germany

Studying kungfu in Wudang was the most impressive time in my whole life. I have learned a lot, but not only kungfu, I also attained a better understanding of my self. After all I went home with a focused mind, feeling very strong and being self-confident. Master Wang was always kind and treated me good. Before I came to wudang I did not know much about kungfu and never practiced it before. I only had some experience in japanese karate. From the very beginning of my stay I was open minded to this new martial art and now I am happy, that I was able getting to know this versatile and well-rounded style called wudang kungfu. Master Wang is a great teacher and I still do not how he managed to teach me a long difficult sword form in just three weeks. Sure there were some missunderstandings because of the language and Master Wang hardly speaks any english, but with his powerful mind and great movements, he dont need to explain. His intructions are of an unmistakable manner. When I did not understand something, he showed the postures again and again, just until I got it right. The school is not huge and has got a feeling of a nice small community. I guess it is better this way, Master Wang might have not that much time for his students anymore , if there would be more than fifty students. During my stay I experienced much more than only kungfu. We went fishing and moved many times to the top of the mountain and to the mountain school at Laozi Hall. It is such a lovely and peaceful place up there and Master Wang always knew good storys to tell. He teached us the whole time and devotedly explained the story and the uniqueness of wudang and its kungfu. I loved Wudang and I never had a more untroubled time before and after. I am very gratefulness for Master Wangs teachings. Thanks and greetings also to his lovely family, who always tried to make my stay as comfortable as possible. Special thanks to Shiniang, the masters wife, because I love her food.

P.S.: I chosed a picture of the very funny photo session at the mountain school, that I’ll never forget.

Best Wishes Kathi


Peng Tao / Hubei

Although the training sessions are really tough and exhausting I enjoy them. I could often participate in international tournaments and usually rank first. My performance at school is quite good too. With the help of the Master and my teacher I am among the best students in school. Our life in the Chuanzhen Martial Arts institute is varied. In our free time we have the possibilities to play basketball, table-tennis, chess and much more.


Kaya / Turkey

My name is Kaya Erdal and I practice kungfu since I was 12 years old. I first started with shaolin kungfu and visited shaolin when I was 15. But shaolin disappointed me, cause it was much too commercial and the masters were hungry for money and greedy! During my time in shaolin, 2000, I visited wu dang for 5 days. I was very impressed, but first off I thought wu dang is just about taiqi, but it was more! They practice everything I could imagine, so I wanted to stay, but I promissed my shaolin master to be back on time! In the year 2005 I decided to go to wu dang shan to visit my friend Benjamin. That was the first time I got to know master Wang. In that year he tought kungfu in the old little school, but it was a very nice experience. The workout begann in the early morning and ended in the evening. First I had my problems with the difference between shaolin and wu dang kungfu. In shaolin kungfu you are a lot under tension and the movements are hard and strong all the time. On the other hand wu dang kungfu is verry soft, smooth, but powerfull too. It's tough to be in a deep-stance and look relaxed :)
But Master Wang showed me how to do it. I changed style and I found my new master. I learned the most difficult wudang technique: BA GUA, it is much more than a technique. You've got to start at the beginning practicing basics over and over again. I loved it, because I like practicing a lot. In 2007 I decided to visit master again with Jan, a good friend of mine. Master Wang changed school and it was amazing to see, how nice and beautiful the new school is. Now he got two schools one in the city and one up on the mountain. This time we learned 13-steps sanfeng taichi and wudang duanda xuanwu quan. I had a wonderful time. Master Wang was more motivated than ever to teach traditional wudang kungfu. We practiced a lot and he told us a lot about wu dang kungfu. One day we went up to the mountain school and we enjoyed the view. Master Wang showed us some techniques and behind him the most beautiful landscape of mount wu dang.
Thanks a lot Master Wang...We'll be back next years!



Jan / Germany

My trip to the origins of internal Kungfu: It was not until the age of 25 that I discovered martial arts, and even though my Rookie age was certainly higher than average I soon developed a passion I have never experienced before. Since that time I have practiced almost every day. After two years of training, the time had come to make a dream come true that every kungfu practitioner has - a journey to china. Me and Kaya, who is my fellow and my best friend, have picked Master Wang and his wushu school because Master Wang offers the traditional way of kungfu and emphasizes traditional values. Usually Master Wang takes care of the training himself and gives full attention to each pupil to help them improving their skills. The standard is very high and so are the masters expectations. The training is intense and requires constant focus, but soon the hard work will turn into great improvement and the success is definetly worth the effort. Time flies and my time in Wudang was a great experience - memories I will never forget.


Benjamin - Chong Long / Germany

I first experienced the traditional martial arts teached by master Wang in early 2004. I was amazed by the simpleness of this great master being a practitioner at a level this advanced. Through the years his abilities never lost in value for me in my training. There is still enough content for years of practice. Now after my initiation, when I became part of the longmen dragongate lineage, I can really understand the chinese words "studies have no ending" in the context of martial arts. It means that I will never attain a perfect level and always be able to make more progress. It is the way itselfs that counts, nothing else and the key is perseverence. For me wudang martial arts became a part of my now "better" life. I have never met someone, who thought of wudang training methods to be nonesense, useless or bad for the health. Through my expeirences I only feel in good shape and I am getting better every new day I practice this art. It seems that many students in wudang share the same feeling about it. With this daoist culture, an universum of knowledge opened to me and I can only recommend it for everybody interested in a holistic system based on health prevention, unity of body, mind and soul as well as applicability. Master Wang is one of the few real Wudang masters. I am happy and honoured that I met him and to be his disciple. Regarding to the wushu which is teached here, I can say that one will feel that the forms and exercises for health, fighting, qi control, meditation and workout came all out of one origin. This quality is good for students who succesfully make progress and learn more and more of the lineages system, because many parallels and similarities of theorie and practice appear here and there. Everything refers to the big unifying principles of the old daoists. Additionally wushu training here is varied and I as a martial artist never became bored.


Jin Chuan Bin / Zhejiang

Because I were fat, didn’t want to visit college, often prowled along the streets with my friends and actually never really achieved something, my parents had no choice, but to send me to a wudang kungfu school. There they would teach me discipline and morals, they said. Just upon arrival the Master told me that if one wants to study true martial arts one has to be dedicated and practice hard every day. Although I am only a few months under the supervison of the master, the young boy, who was always a twisted kid, already changed to a reasonable person and practices very hard. The Master follows a very faithful and strict method of teaching. We have to repeat single movements very often until we really understood them properly. Now I am already quite thin and my body becomes strong and enduring.


Li Shuang Qiang / Hubei Yichang

I really love to fulfill my dream being a martial artist. Only since I am practicing here in the Chuanzhen Martial Arts Institute I really have the feeling, that my dream became true. The martial arts training and school lessons occupy much time and therefor I have hardly any free time. In the beginning I couldn’t stand this intense life and I wanted to return to my home. Then I slowly got used to this new lifestyle. Now I’ve already studied a variety of wu dang martial arts, such as duanda, staff, ba gua, xuanwu sword and wu dang boxing forms. Learning here was good form e becoming a person with godd values and attitudes. I want to thank the Master, the teachers and my kungfu brothers and sisters for having a rich time already.


Li Yan Fei / Sichuan

I studied Martial Arts in the Shaolin Temple for seven years. I always knew about wudang kungfu, but it was only when I came here that I truly understood what makes the internal martial arts of the mount wudang so special. In the beginning I could not really adapt to this new type of Martial Arts, I couldn’t get into such principle ideas as relaxing one’s body and performing soft movements. It was only afterwards when the Master continuously threw and pushed me meters away during application excercises that I truly understood the real meaning of smooth and fluent Taichi. Since then I became more and more interested in Wudang Martial Arts.


Hanno / Germany

I began my journey in Martial Arts around six years ago. I studied Seven Star Praying Mantis Kungfu, an external kind of chinese kungfu, for some years. But with reading old books and sayings I got curious about the secrets of internal martial arts. Of course I heard about those principles such as being smooth and fluent in one’s spirit and movements, but I was never able to actually applicate these principles in my training. During my studies in Beijing I began to practice Chen Tai Chi and slightly began to understand the inner power of chinese kungfu. But it was only here in the Chuanzhen Martial Arts Institute that I understood the meaning of internal martial arts from within myself. Of course I am still not an expert, but I think that while undergoing the Master’s supervision I theoretically understood the basic principles and applications. The use those princples properly is another sotry i guess. From all my experiences regarding my martial arts training the time here in Wudang was the most profound. I believe that everybody has the possibilty to experience an authentic flair of kungfu here in the Wudang Mountains. Thanks to Master Wang for guiding and teaching me.


Oliver / Germany

I loved to be in the Chuanzhen Wushu School and fullfil the first part of my dream connecting an extraordinary passion for the chinese arts with the profession of a Taichi teacher. When everything is carefully arranged, I will definitely start a full education for several years in the institute of Master Wang. For the time being I am already enjoying the fun of my daily training at home and the benefits resulting from the wonderful holistic martial arts of Wudang Kungfu. To everybody who come here: "Be careful kungfu is addictive" *laugh*.

Greetings to everybody in the Chuanzhen Wushu School. See you all soon! Yours Oliver


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