Wudang Dragongate Kungfu School

School Regulations

1. Sincerely follow the instructions of Master Wang.
2. Keep the peace and harmony in and outside of the school.
3. It is prohibited to use fighting abilities for other reasons as for self-defense.
4. Students have to adapt to the daily routine. Nightlife isn't tolerated in the school.
    The school gate will be locked with darkness.
5. Please respect everyone's individual beliefs, religions, heritage etc.
6. Please respect all your teachers and classmates.
7. Everybody shall study hard and follow the schedule.
8. All payments of fees have to be done in advance.
9. There is no refund, not even if you have to leave the school early.
10. Please always make sure to wear proper school uniforms and/or school T-Shirts.
11. Please do not come late to any class or lesson. Please come to the training ground 5 minutes ahead of class.
12. Please take care to adapt to the school's time table. Classes, meals etc. are always announced with the
blow of a whistle. During that times please do not sleep, listen to music, wash clothes or take a shower or go
to the shop. Who comes late might not eat, might not train or be punished with enough push ups :D Let's keep focused and disciplined due to Chinese customs in such a kungfu school. Foreigners should respect our Chinese rules education.