Myths, cultures, sights & daoism of wudang

1. UNESCO World Heritage
Mount Wudang is located in central china. It is the most important site of daoist pilgrimage. It is the birthplace of the popular ancient martial art taijiquan, known as shadowboxing or taichi. Furthermore it is a place of a great wealth of ancient chinese cultural heritage. The daoist monasteries and lineages managed to preserve a lot of chinese culture which had died out elsewhere.

2. Wudang Myth and Magical Attraction
Zhi Shi Xuan Yue ‘Mysterious Mountain Which Rule The World’. Why should the Wudang Mountain deserve such a title? The biggest reason for the big fame of wudang mountains are the stories and legends as well as the factual history of wudang and his generations of great masters, but there is more to it...

3. Wudang Daoism
Wudang Daoism is a very special kind of cultural phenomenon which can not easily be found elsewhere in the world. Wudang daoism isn’t simply a religion. With its philosophy or old chinese sciences related to daoism, researching the laws, cycles and wonders of the great nature, it is more than just a religion.

4. Wudang Culture
Do you need an overview on wudang culture? Here you'll find a list in order of the sociocultural importance of the different cultures and subcultures as well as their real life appearances.

5. Wudang Activities
What else can be done and seen for the leisure time in between the training? There is plenty to do like swimming, hiking, dining, barbeque, museum, theatre, karaoke, river rafting, fishing, boat trips and many more...