Mount Wudang

Unesco World Heritage Site

Mount Wudang is located in central china, just in the middle of a belt formed by the major cities of wuhan, xi'an, chengdu, chongqing and changsha. It is the most important site of daoist pilgrimage. It is the birthplace of the popular ancient martial art taijiquan, known as shadowboxing or taichi . Furthermore it is a place of a great wealth of ancient chinese cultural heritage. The daoist monasteries and lineages managed to preserve a lot of chinese culture which had died out elsewhere.

Besides the UNESCO title as a World Heritage, which added the Wudang Mountains as one of the world heritage sites in 1994, the wonderful wudang mountains were assigned numerous other national and international titles, proving it as a valuable place for pilgrimage, religion, culture, tourism and health regimen.

The cultural treasures of wudang emerge from the daoist culture and religion. During a visit in Wudang, travelers can see that there is a lot of old culture and knowledge. One will realize that daoist culture is embedded in a thousands of years old tradition passed down until today. In wudang we can consider ourselves lucky, to be able to find the well preserved daoist culture flourishing again. It is always wonderful to see, how even difficult times and political throwbacks cannot destroy a great culture. Besides the great architecture it is the profound daoism which surely deserves its part as a world heritage culture.

In the beginning of its cultural history, the wudang mountains, were called taihe shan ‘mountain of highest Harmony’ or xuanyue ‘mysterious mountain’. With its 72 peaks, the mountain range covers an area of more than 400 km². With an elevation of 1612m above sea level, the highest peak, is the heavenly pillar summit, including also the most sacred shrine and palace in wudang, ‘Jinding’ the golden hall.

Wudang culture consists of daoist philosophy and the facets of religious arts and crafts, such as music, martial arts, ritual customs, herbal medicine and much more. The protection of mainly the cultural heritage sites but also the greater wudang culture by the UNESCO, such as the imperial monasteries, palaces and temples, settled almost across the entire mountain area, form the essential foundation for the preservation of wudang culture.


List of preserved palaces and temples: (in rough order of sociocultural importance)

1. Zixiao Gong - Purple Heaven Palace, 2. Taihe Gong - Palace Of The Highest Harmony, 3. Jingle Gong - Palace Of Silent Happiness, 4. Jinding - Golden Top /Hall, 5. Wulong Gong - Five Dragon Palace, 6. Yuxu Gong - Empty Jade Palace, 7. Nanyan Gong - Southern Rock Palace, 8. Yuzhen Gong - Meeting The True Warrior Palace, 9. Fuzhen Guan / Taizipo - Temple Of The Returning True Warrior / Prince Slope, 10. Zhong Guan - Middle Temple Of Qiongtai and so many more.

A complete detailed list will be added here soon.