Wudang Activities


1 Exploring Wudang



2 Medical Treatment



3 Boatrips



 4 Sourroundings



5 Swimming


6 Fishing At Our Pond



7 Dining



8 Theatre



9 School Family



10 River Rafting

There are plenty of leisure time activities which students can enjoy in their free time alongside the training:

  1. Enjoy 1-3 day trips to mount wudang with all of its sights with Master Wang as your guide.
  2. The school offers more services for health improvement, prevention and different kinds of therapies and introduces to a great choice of befriended and capable doctors.
  3. Enjoy your time with a boat trip on the vast stretches of taiji lake, china's biggest man made lake.
  4. Walk in the great nature and explore the world of wudang farmers all around the school.
  5. Go swimming at the various nice spots of natural pools and waterfalls or even refresh your senses in the schools own waterfall site.
  6. Follow Master Wang's invitation to do some fishing at the school own lake on free mondays.
  7. Explore the countless restaurants and food stalls or the barbeque at the night market of wu dang shan.
  8. In the town of wu dang shan there is plenty to do for leisure time: Karaoke, museum, theatre, chinese opera, cinema and even amusement halls can be found in this little town.
  9. Enjoy you day off reading, contemplating, studying the dao, writing to family and friends and dive into the calm atmosphere of the Wudang Dragongate Kungfu School doing nothing more than live a simple life.
  10. A 30 minutes bus ride from the gate of our school brings you to the town of ‚langhe‘ where there are some kilometers of funny river rafting adventure waiting for you.
  11. As wudang is situated in the very heart of china there are countless of options to head out in the eight diretions leading you to great sights everywhere.

The school can help you with the arrangements of your trips.
Contact us for more information.

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