Mystic Mountain Wudangshan




Why should the Wudang Mountain deserve such a title?

One reason for the fame of mount wudang are the stories and legends mixed with its factual history and generations of great masters. But there is more to it...

Well wudang mountain is really a place of breathtaking natural beauty and the landscape of wudang is blessed with unique architecture. It was designed to blend harmoniously into the natural environment. Countless peaks, valleys, canyons, streams, temples, monasteries, palaces, caves and shrines waiting to be discovered. Regarding the architecture, the builders succeeded to create a masterpiece of priceless graciousness, deserving to be admired. The general style of the imperial architecture in wudang is the same as of the forbidden city in beijing (peking) which was build at the same time. In awareness of the old history and glory of mount wudang the builders payed a lot of respect in the realization of the breathtaking project of emperor Zhu Di. They used profound daoist wisdom to build the imperial palaces and temples in wudang resulting a magnificent and unique architecture seen nowhere else in the world. All buildings have a good fengshui (chinese geomancy) and blend perfectly with the surrounding nature. For an example, this can be seen by he fact that the color of the imperial golden roof tiles was chosen leaf green. With good reason the wudang mountains have been added to the world heritage list of UNESCO in 1994.

But still there is far more exciting to the wudang mountains than just the beauty of the nature and buildings. The legends and old stories, mixed with the actual passed down techniques, of not only the martial arts, but also of meditation, qigong and the practice of the way of immortality, is what makes wudang a place of great attraction for many. With having the old generations and daoist masters in mind, who found themselves by understanding the nature, its cycles and laws, visitors from everywhere are able to find new motivation for their own smaller or bigger aims in life.

Even if wudang is changing constantly, a visit to the wudang mountains can still be recommended to anybody having romantic and nostalgic dreams of ancient China. In present Wudang it is really possible to study original, old martial arts and to realize some unforgettable trips to the legendary mountains and its daoist sites. Meanwhile the solitary wudang mountain range, in the middle of the chinese mainland, became an infrastructural opened tourist spot for pilgrims from all over the world. Even now, when wudang is recommended on the envelope of the most frequently sold travel guide for china, a trip to wudang leads you still off the conventional tourist routes.

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